So friendly that we are! Georgina learns to cook with her mother-in-law Dolores – Nacional


Georgina Rodríguez shared with her social media followers a familiar moment at his home in Turin, Italy, this Friday morning.
Dolores Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, is visiting the family, and Gio showed up to cook with his mother-in-law, in a climate of great complicity.
“Learning to prepare a good cod. With the best teacher“, wrote the Spaniard, adding a heart. This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite dish.

The image shared by Georgina

The friction between Georgina and Dolores they seem to be definitely outdated. Recently, the Aveiro clan matriarch he praised his daughter-in-law publicly.

“Of course I would like to see Georgina as my daughter-in-law, one day it had to happen. She or someone else. She likes her and she likes him, she makes him happy and vice versa. She treats the boys well and that, for me, counts a lot“he stated.

Whenever Dolores Aveiro and Georgina Rodríguez were “forced” to be together

In the same interview, Dolores mentioned the “cooking classes” that she gives to Georgina.

“She, from time to time, likes to make a treat for us, but she won’t be trapped in the kitchen to make food for Ronaldo. Bacalhau à Brás is a dish that takes a little work. I already tried to teach her and she is a girl who likes to learn, so she can try to do it … I don’t know, I usually do it, the time has not yet come for her to do it “, she explained.


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