Socialist current proposes alternative name for leadership of CGTP


The CGTP socialist current presented an alternative candidate for the post of secretary general of the union central. This is Fernando Gomes, currently a member of the National Council, the Executive Committee and the Secretariat of the General Confederation of Workers.

This tendency thus wants to leave its mark at the 14th congress of the union central, despite having no chance against Isabel Camarinha, supported by the communists. “The rationale for this decision by the socialist unionists is eminently political-union”, begins by explaining this trend in a statement issued early Friday evening, the first day of the CGTP’s major meeting, which takes place in Seixal.

“Isabel Camarinha’s well-known and assumed militancy in the PCP Union Chain raises serious concerns that, with her election, CGTP-IN will come even closer to the PCP”, the statement continues.

“In the strategic analysis of socialist union members, CGTP-IN should, maintaining its principles and objectives, expand its base of implantation with more unionization and strengthening of the organization”, considering that Camarinha may not defend “union independence from the parties” , justify.

Fernando Gomes, 50, is a worker at the Pestana Pousadas Group (coordinator of the Workers’ Commission) and a member of the board of the Hotel, Tourism, Restoration and Similar Workers Union of the South.

This congress will be marked by the departure of a third of the directors of the National Council and nine members of the Executive Committee, among them, the secretary general, Armenio Carlos, who will, in principle, be replaced by Isabel Camarinha.


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