SP PF extradited to Spain sentenced to 193 years in prison for terrorist attack | Sao Paulo


This Thursday (6th), the Federal Police is carrying out the extradition to Spain of Carlos Garcia Juliá, sentenced to 193 years in prison in Spain for having participated in a terrorist attack known as the “Atocha Massacre” in 1977.

His extradition had been authorized by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in August 2019.

Garcia Juliá and two other men who were part of a group of right-wing counterrevolutionary extremists “Spanish Phalanx”, opposed to union movements, invaded a labor law office in Madrid and shot and killed five people. Another four were injured in the attack.

Juliá was arrested and served at least 14 years in prison in Spain, but when he got parole, he fled to South America.

In December 2018, in cooperation with the Spanish National Police, the Federal Police located and arrested the fugitive in São Paulo, due to the extradition request that had been made by the Spanish government. He used false documents on behalf of a Venezuelan citizen.

In the STF, his defense claimed that the crimes were committed for political reasons, which would make extradition impossible, according to the Brazilian Constitution, and that the extradite was convicted by a court of exception. Minister Carmen Lúcia, the case’s rapporteur, understood, however, that the facts reported in the Spanish sentence did not reflect a political act.

The extradition to the United States of Italian-British citizen Mark Anthony Fisicaro, a defendant in a process that investigates the practice of transnational drug trafficking, is also being carried out on Thursday.

Between January and April 2017, he reportedly made five illegal imports of ecstasy into Florida and was arrested by the Federal Police at Guarulhos Airport, in Greater São Paulo, in April 2019, while in transit from Porto Seguro, Bahia, to London.


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