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02/18/2020 09h15
By: Copywriting

The escuderia BR Racing, composed of students from the 2nd and 3rd grades of High School at the Sesi de Dourados School, will represent Mato Grosso do Sul in the “F1 in Schools” modality during the 2nd Sesi Robotics Tournament, which will be held from 6 to 8 March, in São Paulo (SP).

The competition is part of an international project carried out by Formula 1 itself and reproduces professional challenges involved in a car race from start to finish, from the creation of the team to the confrontation on the tracks.

To participate, students are challenged to design and model a Formula 1 minicar, in addition to thinking about marketing, sponsorship, business plan and social media strategies. The teams still need to develop a social project, which can be used as a tiebreaker in the final result.

According to Professor Priscila Keroline Franco Neto, who taught the discipline of Physics and guides the escuderia BR Racing, participating in a tournament like this contributes a lot to students’ learning. “They need to build a miniature of a Formula 1 car about 25 centimeters long, which works by means of a CO² cylinder attached to the rear,” he revealed.

Up to 80 km / h

She adds that, at the time of the competition, the cart is placed on a trigger, which will pierce this cylinder, causing the car to move, reaching speeds of up to 80 km / h to cover a 22-meter track.

“To build this cart, students end up studying points that go beyond the content proposed in the classroom, such as friction, rolling, strength, contact area and learn these concepts in a practical way”, said Priscilla Neto.

Still in the teacher’s assessment, competing outside the state still allows for a unique experience of socializing with other students and exchanging ideas for projects. “They make new friends and are very excited for this competition,” he guaranteed.

The teacher adds that everyone has high expectations and is working hard to give the best. “This motivation is very important for students to develop a sense of responsibility and teamwork, in addition to being meaningful learning”, he added.


For student João Alberto Costacurta, from the 3rd grade of High School, preparation for this year’s competition started in April last year, right after the first edition of the tournament.

“Training is now very productive, because we are managing to develop the project and move forward when we compare our performance in the previous season. For this tournament, I hope to make a good presentation and have an extra experience, like meeting new people, learning new things and myself have fun with my colleagues “, he highlighted.

Responsible for the design area of ​​the escuderia BR Racing, student Gabriel Moisés Ribeiro Lazarin, from the 2nd grade of high school, said he was confident. “We are preparing with a lot of dedication and our daily lives are getting better. I believe that we will arrive at F1 in Schools capable of competing for the first places and a place for the international stage”, he commented.

With regard to the social project, student Thatiane Tiemi Tanaka, also from the 2nd grade of high school, explained that the team developed Eco Racing, which seeks to make people aware of the incorrect disposal of waste and how to carry out separation and recycling. “We are confident and expect a good performance, because we are preparing to represent Mato Grosso do Sul in the best way”, he concluded.


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