THE BALL – One month for Mathieu (Sporting)


Jérémy Mathieu will miss Sporting for at least the next three to four weeks. The 36-year-old French central, it is recalled, was injured 77 minutes into the match against Portimonense.

Yesterday, after a day off granted by Jorge Silas, Mathieu returned to the Academy and saw the diagnosis confirmed, which, within the four lines, in Alvalade, he had communicated to Sporting’s medical department: the Achilles tendon of his right foot returns to give the player headaches.

At the start of the preparation for the game with Rio Ave, scheduled for Saturday, Jérémy Mathieu was present in Alcochete but only to continue the treatment of the physical problem. According to the official information provided by the club, Mathieu has a tendinopathy in the right Achilles.

In this type of injury, which has already affected the French central on several occasions, who even in Barcelona developed a chronic problem in that tendon, the treatment is, in fact, simple and started to be done right at the time of the injury. The affected area took ice and preventive treatment was immediately carried out, in order to reduce the inflammation and, consequently, the pains inherent to this injury. From now on, in addition to rest and physiotherapy, Mathieu will maintain the individualized program, which has always included muscle strengthening in the tendon area.

From Valencia to Barcelona

As the French central himself mentioned at the end of the game, in the area of ​​quick interviews, the problems in the Achilles tendon of his right foot are nothing new. “I had a lot of problems when I played for Valencia,” recalled Mathieu, who stopped in 2015 for the first time due to this injury.

Then, in Barcelona, ​​the Achilles tendon forced him to stop for a long time, more precisely in April 2017, when he was stopped for two months. It was there that the defender even considered hanging up his boots, in the face of the development of a chronic problem, which was eventually resolved through the development of a personalized work plan and which continues to be carried out since he arrived at Sporting.

Still, physical problems have prevented Mathieu from making a full contribution to Sporting this season, especially recently. In November, remember, it was a strain of myalgia in his right leg that took him out of two games. This month, it was his knee, also on that leg, showing tendonitis that removed him from the game with SC Braga. And on the return, the usual headache: the Achilles tendon.

«Controlled problem»

Arnaud Bruchard, a French physiotherapist who started working with Mathieu while still at Barcelona, ​​believes that the problem in the Achilles tendon, chronic at the French center, will not force the prolonged stop as it has happened before.

«Jérémy has a chronic problem in that area, a lot has been said about it, but it is a problem that is under control and that has never generated any serious impediment since he is in Portugal», explains Bruchard to A BOLA, making it clear that, at this moment, above all, rest:

«He has his own physical plan and, at 36, knows very well what the body asks for.»


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