‘The exit door will be wide’


Onyx Lorenzoni. Photo: Sérgio Lima / AFP

Of South21:

Onyx Lorenzoni, new Minister of Citizenship, said this Friday (14) in an interview with Gaucho Radio that Bolsa Família, a successful project for PT governments, will have a “broad exit”. Onyx was replaced by General Walter Braga Netto at the Civil House.

“We are going to make Bolsa Família a system and an important tool for building citizenship, but it will have a large entrance door and a wider exit door,” said Lorenzoni after saying that the program has a liberal origin.

The minister also spoke about the change of office. “I joke saying that I was playing with the 5, ‘volantão’. Bouncing the ball, giving a cart, asking for the ball to be in our area and someone to score. Now he (Bolsonaro) put me there, he wants me to score, ”he said when asked if his replacement by Braga Netto at the Casa Civil would be Bolsonaro’s ingratitude.


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