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A few weeks ago everyone seemed to be sure: this year’s Oscars would award “1917” as “Best Film” and Sam Mendes in the “Best Director” category. The turnaround took place: “Parasitas”, a South Korean film that was the favorite of the critics and that during the last weeks has been gaining notoriety and popularity around the world, ended Sunday night to Monday as a big winner .

“Parasitas” not only won the Oscar for Best International Film, but took home the Oscars for Best Film (the most desired Oscar statuette), Best Director (for the work of Bong Joon-ho) and Best Original Screenplay (the script was written in half between Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won). It is the first time that a film spoken in a language other than English – in this case Korean – wins the Oscar for Best Film and it is also the first time that a South Korean, in the case of Bong Joon Ho, wins the Oscar for Best Director .

The cast and crew of “Parasitas” after the Oscar victory (@ Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

In no recent edition of the Oscars has this happened. On the one hand, as usual, there were one or two favorites for the biggest prize for “Best Film” – and this year it was one, absolutely outstanding, the “1917” by Sam Mendes who had won awards after awards before the Oscars, the (important, almost barometer) of the best dramatic feature in the Golden Globes. On the other hand, the range of nominees for “Best Picture” was exceptionally robust and no one would be surprised if he won one of several nominees.

If it were “Parasites” to win? It would be historic, because no film spoken in a language other than English had ever won the biggest Hollywood film prize – but “Parasitas” is not just any movie, it had been the big winner in the awards of the actors and screenwriters of the northern industry. American and has been gaining momentum in recent weeks as a possible winner. Anyone who put their money in “Parasites” at the bookmakers before the ceremony would not be rich with little – which was quite symptomatic.

What if “Joker” was the best movie? So far, no film inspired by comics has won the highest award, but it would not be impossible: because it was not the film with the most nominations (there were 11, only three less than the three most nominated films ever, Eve, Titanic and La La Land: Melody of Love), the one that broke all the box office records and a few more and that even creatively reinvented the genre of films that takes more people to the cinema, the superhero?

And someone would stay with their relatives at the helm if they saw the Academy deliver the starring in Best Picture to “Once Upon a Time… Hollywood”, a movie full of stars (DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Olyphant… even Al Pacino makes a little leg) from one of the most consensual directors of American cinema in recent decades, Quentin Tarantino? When a film like “The Irishman”, career summary of a major filmmaker like Martin Scorsese enlivened by the De Niro-Al Pacino-Joe Pesci triplet, ran out and ended up empty-handed, with zero statuettes…

The chances of the Hollywood Film Academy awarding a bigger film than one that did not exist in 1917, “Parasitas” had even been underdog stronger, but nobody expected such a gap in the prizes awarded to the film by the British Sam Mendes and to the South Korean Bong Joon Ho. The first, it is true, won three technical categories: Direction of Photography, Sound Mixing and Visual Effects. But if in the argument he was left empty-handed as opposed to “Parasitas”, which was more or less expected, almost everyone gave the awards for Best Director and Best Film as being in the conversation for “1917” and Sam Mendes.

Surprise: that was not the case. And when “Parasitas” last night added Oscar to the best script, given by the shrewd narrative of the film, the most technical award for Best Director, the comeback began to be guessed at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, where held another (the 92nd) Oscar ceremony.

Bong Joon Ho did not seem to believe he was going to take home the most important figurine of the year, even after being considered the Best Director in Hollywood this year. “After winning the award for Best International Film, I thought it was done for today. I was ready to relax, “the South Korean said, in an emotional speech in which he recalled his early career and a phrase he heard” when he was young and studying cinema “and” recorded in his heart “:” The most personal is the most creative ”.

@ AFP via Getty Images

In this last speech before the final party that would follow, the director of “Parasitas”, who at the Golden Globes had promised British and American cinema viewers that “as soon as they surpass the two and a half centimeter subtitles barrier, they will be meet many more fantastic films ”, I wanted to leave a word to the other nominated directors.

Martin Scorsese said he “studied” his films and was honored to share the range of nominees with him. Tarantino thanked him because “when people in the USA didn’t know my films, Quentin talked about them, included them in their lists” and also sent a loving message: “Quentin, I love you”. Todd Phillips and Sam Mendes also left praise: “Great filmmakers I admire”.

He also suggested that the Academy divide the Best Achievement award into five and share it with other competitors. He left the stage to say “thank you, I will drink until morning” and it is likely that he did: after all, a few minutes later he heard Jane Fonda announce that it was her “Parasites”, nominated for six categories and not for the 11 “ Joker ”or to 10 of“ 1917 ”,“ The Irishman ”and“ Once upon a time in… Hollywood ”, winning the Oscar for Best Film.

Before Bong Joon Ho’s film stole the night, the protagonists were different and the surprises were few. Among the winning actors – major and minor – there was no surprise, in the male and female.

Joaquin Phoenix, considered almost consensually the greatest asset of a “Joker” who in Todd Phillips’ film is a man of poor mental health who gradually becomes a sociopath and a murderer, was the winner of the Oscar for Best Leading Actor. Jonathan Pryce and Leonardo DiCaprio had no chance at first, Adam Driver and Antonio Banderas had the appreciation of part of the critic indie for the performances in “Marriage Story” and “Dor e Glória”. However, Phoenix’s favoritism – who had never won an Oscar but had already had praised performances in “Her – A Love Story”, “The Emigrant”, “The Master – The Mentor” and “Double Love” – was very much and confirmed- yourself.

Also the Oscar for Best Secondary Actor was long appointed to Brad Pitt, although in that category several heavyweights were nominated: Tom Hanks for his performance in “An Extraordinary Friend”, Al Pacino for “The Irishman”, Anthony Hopkins for “Two Popes ”and above all a veteran Joe Pesci who, due to his interpretive mastery in the role of Russell Bufalino in the Scorsese mafia film,“ The Irishman ”, had his chances.

Brad Pitt had already participated in an Oscar-winning film, “12 Slave Years”, and had already been nominated for three Oscars for best actor, one in a secondary role (for the film “12 Monkeys”) and two for protagonist roles (“ The Strange Case of Benjamin Button ”and“ Moneyball ”). Last night, at the age of 56, he finally managed to win his first individual award at the Oscars, for the interpretation of a cinema double with a mysterious past, difficult to tame and a tough guy. cool.

@ Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The categories of Best Leading Actress and Best Supporting Actress also had expected winners. In the first, Renée Zellweger competed with Cynthia Erivo (“Harriet”), Charlize Theron (“Bombshell – The Scandal”) and above all with Saoirse Ronan, protagonist of “Mulherzinhas” – directed by Greta Gerwig – and Scarlett Johansson, who opposite Adam Driver in “Marriage Story” and was one of the best ingredients in the film. Zellweger, however, was considered a favorite for her performance in “Judy” and at the age of 50 she won her first Oscar for Best Actress, after a statuette of Best Secondary Actress obtained for her performance in “Cold Mountain”, already a decade and a half ago.

Laura Dern was another of the actresses who stood out in the North American film industry last year and managed to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. If Scarlett Johansson failed to beat the favorite Renée Zellweger as Best Actress and Adam Driver was passed over by the “joker” Joaquin Phoenix, Dern gave a statuette to “Marriage Story”, for the way he played the protagonist’s merciless lawyer (precisely, Scarlett).

The biggest surprise came in the narrative category. If for “Best Original Argument” there were two or three candidates and one of them won, which by the way was even pointed out as the greatest candidate (“O Parasita”, which competed with “Once Upon a Time … Hollywood” and “Marriage Story” ), in the category of “Best Adapted Argument” there was a question mark.

Would the Academy reward the adaptation of a novel by Louisa May Alcott by Greta Gerwig in “Mulherzinhas”, even as a kind of compensation for ignoring Gerwig in a category of Achievement that only included men? Would you prefer to give the prize to Steven Zaillian and “The Irishman”, for the way he took it in a book by Charles Brandt and adapted it to the universe of a highly respected Martin Scorsese? Or would you recognize the ability of Todd Phillips and Scott Silver to take a cartoon character like Joker and give him a more humane and pained and rather less fanciful dimension? Of the three, none: the Best Adapted Screenplay figurine surprisingly ended up in the hands of Taika Waititi and his “Jojo Rabbit”.

In “1917”, there was only contentment for the victory in technical categories – Best Photography, Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Mix. As happened, moreover, with “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, which despite ten nominations, only won two statuettes, Best Secondary Actor (Brad Pitt) and Production Design. Or with “Mulherzinhas”, which won in the Best Wardrobe division.

“Bombshell – The Scandal”, which had two nominated actresses (Charlize Theron in the main category and Margot Robbie for secondary actress), stayed only for winning the Oscar for Best Characterization. “Le Mans 66”, whose original title is “Ford vs Ferrari”, took home two technical statuettes (Best Sound Editing and Best Editing), “American Factory” was considered the best documentary, “Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl) ”the best documentary short,“ The Neighbor’s Window ”the best short film and“ Hair Love ”the best animation short.

In the musical category, Elton John and Taron Egerton took the best in the category of Best Original Song with “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” – despite the old credits of Randy Newman, who composed “I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away “for” Toy Story “4, which in turn won in the category of Best Animated Film (films such as Klaus and How to Train Your Dragon: The Secret World” were excluded. “Joker” won in the category of Best Band Sonora, which was composed by the Icelandic Hildur Guðnadóttir.

See the full list of top winners.

Best movie

Best Achievement
Bong Joon Ho, “Parasites”

Best actress
Renee Zellweger, “Judy”

Best Actor
Joaquin Phoenix, “Joker”

Best Original Screenplay
“Parasites”, Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won

Best Adapted Screenplay
“Jojo Rabbit”, Taika Waititi

Best Original Song
“(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again”, Rocketman

Best Animated Film
“Toy Story 4”

Best Characterization
“Bombshell – The Scandal”

Best Visual Effects

Best Photography
“1917”, Roger Deakins

Best Production Design
“Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood”, Barbara Ling and Nancy Haigh

Best Documentary
“American Factory”

Best Documentary Short
“Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)”

Best International Film

Best Assembly
“Le Mans 66 ′: The Duel”, Andrew Buckland and Michael McCusker

Best Supporting Actor
Brad Pitt, “Once Upon A Time … Hollywood”

Best Original Soundtrack

Best Animation Short
“Hair Love”

Best Short Film
“The Neighbor’s Window”

Best Sound Editing
“Le Mans 66 ′: The Duel”

Best Sound Mix
“1917 ″

Best Wardrobe
“Mulherzinhas”, Jacqueline Durran

Best Supporting Actress
Laura Dern, “Marriage Story”


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