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Entrepreneurship has been an outlet for most Brazilians, as a necessity, in order to bring income and sustenance to their families. One reason is due to the lack of jobs created by the crisis of recent times.

Despite the difficulties, the scenario was taking new directions with the arrival of new technologies and new business models, as well as opportunities with the creation of more enterprises, changes in the customs of Brazilians and the emergence of new markets. All of this fueled the interest of more people in putting their ideas into practice to enter the business world.

Although the Brazilian is looking to be more and more entrepreneurial, it is still necessary to advance in many factors for the country to really improve its economic performance. However, the lack of formalization, especially for small businesses, is still a major obstacle for the gears of the economy to turn more smoothly.

The formalization of a business offers many benefits to the entrepreneur, helping to have greater credibility in their market, before their consumers, suppliers and / or manufacturers.

Another advantage of having the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) is the possibility of issuing an invoice, something that provides important benefits such as: social security rights, discounts on certain purchases for the company, doing business with other companies, including the government , allowing you to generate more income, increasing your “average ticket” with the various opportunities to grow in the market, opening new fronts.

Research released last year by Sebrae showed that, after the deal was formalized, 71% of the people consulted managed to increase sales, 72% felt improvements in purchasing conditions with suppliers, and 48% managed to sell products and services to other companies . In addition, 76% had activity as their only source of income. These data show the importance of formalization.

Those who are waiting for the great opportunity to “fall into their laps” are often left behind. But anyone who is determined to make their business prosper, always has a good chance of growing. But this requires focus, discipline, market research and good strategies, always having an understanding of who your audience is, that is, who will consume your product and / or service.

Therefore, always seek more knowledge for your enterprise, find opportunities where the competitor has not yet seen, do not be afraid to put your ideas into practice and formalize your business, show customers and suppliers that you do not joke about service.

(*) Amanda Eloi is an administrator, WAAH! Project consultant, business mentor, speaker and Founder of the University Entrepreneur Cycle – CEU project.


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