Toto Wolff: “2020 will be particularly challenging” – F1


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is predicting a “challenging” 2020, as many other teams have worked hard to try to end the German team’s period of dominance. Red Bull and Ferrari are thought to be more competitive this year and the championship should be the most competitive in recent times.

“2020 will be particularly challenging because there will be teams that will focus a lot on 2020, and there will be teams that will start to transfer their resources to 2021,” said Toto Wolff.

“Getting that balance right will be very important, but that is not easy. Our ambition is clear: we want to be competitive in 2020 and 2021. This is a big challenge, but the bigger the challenge, the more we like it. ”

Mercedes has been at the top of the sport for so long, but Wolff said there is no complacency in the team and that they are working as hard as ever.

“This year’s atmosphere is very calm, very focused, we all know that there is work to be done and results to be delivered to meet our own expectations, so we are working hard to try to prepare in the best possible way,” said Wolff .

“We don’t feel that we have the right to win races or championships, we know that we need to fight hard for it, as we have done each year. This has been our mentality since the beginning ”, he concluded.

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