Venezuela’s accusation against the Portuguese government “makes no sense”


Through diplomatic channels, we will see if Venezuela sends us any requests for clarification. Naturally, no verbal note that is presented to the Portuguese authorities is left unanswered “, added Augusto Santos Silva, speaking to journalists, in a hotel in New Delhi, India to accompany the State visit of the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

On Thursday, Venezuelan authorities accused TAP of violating international standards by allowing the transport of explosives and the Portuguese ambassador in Caracas, Carlos de Sousa Amaro, of interfering in Venezuela’s internal affairs by interceding for Juan’s uncle Guaidó, Juan Marques, who was arrested when he landed on the same TAP flight.

Venezuelan authorities they also accused TAP of having hidden the identity of the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, on the flight to Caracas, after a political tour of Juan Guaidó European and American continents.

According to the Venezuelan Government, Juan Marquez, who accompanied his nephew Juan Guaidó, carried “pocket lanterns tactics“that hid”substThences explosive chemicals in the battery compartment “.

“Regarding the accusation that was directed by the president of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela[[Diosdado Cabello]to the Portuguese Government and the Portuguese Ambassador, it makes no sense. The Portuguese Government, even action nor by omission, does it contribute in Venezuela to anything other than facilitating political dialogue between the forces that are digladiam in Venezuela “, the Minister of Foreign Affairs reacted.

Asked what the Portuguese Government is going to do diplomatically, the minister replied: “These are statements by one person. I think the facts are evident and, therefore, we must all consider ourselves to be clarified. The Portuguese ambassador to Venezuela acts on instructions from the Portuguese Government and in absolute compliance with international law. Therefore, I hope let this little incident be quickly overcome “.

Augusto Santos Silva said that “the Portuguese airline has already published a statement, but in any case the competent Portuguese police authorities will investigate whether or not there has been a security breach in the transport of the airline”.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs stressed that Portugal is committed to “facilitating political dialogue between the forces that are digladiam in Venezuela, so that there is a peaceful political transition “, with” elections that are fair, transparent and free “.

“We do this because we have hundreds of thousands of Portuguese people living in Venezuela and whose well-being and health are our greatest concern and our goal bigger. And also because in Venezuela lives about a million citizens who also have European nationality and, therefore, is a very important security issue for the European Union and for Portugal, “he said.

The situation of “humanitarian crisis” in Venezuela also raises concern about the “very negative regional effects” it causes, pointed out the minister.

“All of this implies a political solution in which all parties are involved”, defended Augusto Santos Silva.


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