Victor Hugo wins the angel’s test; Flay and Bianca are chosen for monster


Today’s morning BBB 20, the brothers participated in the angel test. Victor Hugo won the dispute and in addition to being able to immunize a confinement colleague in the formation of the next wall, the psychologist won R $ 5,000 in purchases in the sponsoring brand application of the event. “Birthday present”, celebrated the Maranhão.

“It only proves for eight players, seven places will be drawn and the eighth will be auctioned. You can make a bid with your stalks and try to buy the place, did you see how important it is not to lose stalks with nonsense?”, Commented the presenter.

Draw and auction

Rafa, Victor Hugo, Manu, Flayslane, Bianca, Pyong and Ivy were drawn. The rest of the house participated in the auction. Marcela won the right to participate in the race by buying the spot for 850 Estalicas.

The starting bid was 300 stalks. Daniel was unable to bid because he only had 90 yards.


“This is a 3D memory game. Each participant must choose two cards, being placed on different walls or on the same wall. If you pair, play again,” explained Leifert. When the participant found two identical cards, he scored a point.

The rest of the participants were allowed to walk around the competition area to observe the moves of the other confining colleagues. The brother with the most points at the end of the race, won.


After winning the angel test, Victor Hugo chose Bianca and Flayslane for the monster’s punishment. The Maranhense read the information sheet for the brothers: “Popcorn monster, two punished will dress up with popcorn, as in BBB 10. Upon hearing the signal, the punished should show all their excitement by jumping into the pots until the sound stops. Each loses 300 parcels and if the chosen one is from the VIP, it goes straight to the shape “.


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