Video: Chinese woman uses remote control car to pick up bread and escape from coronavirus – 2/13/2020


The coronavirus outbreak in China has scared the world. Therefore, for the Chinese people, every care is little to escape the disease that is still studied by doctors. The death toll has already reached 1,360.

So, taking advantage of her passion for remote control cars, Chinese Chen Tao decided to innovate in the way of taking food, according to The New York Post. She adapted a trailer in her miniature car and installed three cameras in it.

In this way, using the vehicle’s remote control and her cell phone, she was able to guide him to a location about 400 meters from his home to pick up a bag of bread. The woman also wrote her cell phone number on the car’s trailer so that the store owner could contact her and charge her electronically for the purchase.

She also installed a loudspeaker so she could communicate with people close to the car. When the car returned to Tao’s apartment, she sprayed disinfectant before taking the bread inside.

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