we want the Indian to have the same right that the farmer has


President Jair Bolsonaro again defended the mining on indigenous lands, in addition to its use for cultivation, leasing and even construction of hydroelectric plants. The president’s speeches were made this Friday (14) during the opening of the paved stretch of the BR-163 in Altamira (PA). “We want to integrate. We do not admit those who want the Indian to remain a prehistoric man, trapped in his territory,” said Bolsonaro. “We present a project who doesn’t just want to have the right to mine on indigenous land. We want the Indian to have the same right as his brother next to him, a farmer, he has to mine, cultivate, rent his land, if necessary build PCH [Pequena Central Hidrelétrica], build hydroelectric plants. The Indian is our brother and we are looking to integrate him into society, “explained the president. Applauded by the audience, Bolsonaro showed pride in having interrupted the demarcation of indigenous lands and also quilombos. According to him, such demarcations are” inadmissible “ and “a totally wrong policy, which served the interests of other countries”.


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