Young people are arrested for theft in a recovery clinic; one of them is accused of raping a woman


Victim says suspects asked for water and offered products to her, alleging they needed money to buy tickets to Uberaba

02/03/2020 – 12:01:37.

In sacrament, two young people, one aged 24 and the other aged 26, were caught in the act for suspected theft in a recovery clinic for drug addicts, where they were hospitalized. Also according to the occurrence record, the 24-year-old is suspected of raping a 38-year-old woman after crime theft. He denies it.

According to witnesses, later identified as clinic professionals, the two were hospitalized at the scene and fled after stealing a cell phone, pen drive, watch and gold-plated necklace, boots, backpack, sneakers, shorts, four shirts, pants, two caps and three pairs half.

Both were located close to the Bus Terminal, after the Military police (PM) to be informed, through 190, that there was a woman screaming and asking for help.


At the complaint, the military found the victim, 38, crying and nervous. She said she was at home when two individuals asked for water and then offered products that were in a backpack, claiming that they needed money to buy tickets for Uberaba.

The woman, still in testimony to the PM, bought a pair of sneakers for R $ 28 and handed the money over to the 24-year-old suspect, who started demanding the sneakers back.

Due to the refusal to return the object, she continued, the suspect beat her and urged her partner to attack her. The youngest suspect would still have taken the victim to his room and raped her.

She pointed out to the PM that she informed the authors that she is pregnant and that when she took out her cell phone to call 911, her cell phone was taken. Then the two fled.

The doctor on duty who attended her in the health unit mentioned that the woman had signs of lacerations in the vaginal canal and a condition compatible with trauma abdominal region. She would be referred to a health facility in Uberaba due to pregnancy.

What the stakeholders say

The 24-year-old confessed that he stole the materials and said he went on foot to sacrament, where he would go to a bar to sell the items, when he saw the victim sitting on the porch of the house and went to ask for information about prostitutes.

According to the boy, the victim warned that he was also on a program and became interested in his watch. So, he negotiated a program for himself and his partner.

He further claimed that the woman refused to have intercourse with the 26 year old and that she took her cell phone, announcing that the item would be the form of payment.

The suspect added that a woman had damaged her partner’s cell phone and that, as a result, they would have taken hers, as well as assaulting her with a broom. Finally, the boy stressed, once again, that he did not rape the woman and that he will “settle the score” with her when he leaves jail.

To the military, the authors reported that the clad watch was given to the 38-year-old woman. Part of the items were in the 24-year-old suspect’s backpack; a cell phone was hidden in his sock.


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