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Argentine actress Linda Cristal, star of the 1960s, died in Beverly Hills at the age of 89. She played in “Comanche”, “Alamo”, “The High Chaparral”, “Mister Majestyk”, announces news.ro.

The death was confirmed by her son Jordan Wexler, who said the actress died in her sleep, according to Le Figaro.

She will remain in the memory of moviegoers as a Mexican beauty who gave them a replica of Hollywood legends such as: John Wayne, Tony Curtis, James Stewart, Charles Bronson.

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Linda Cristal starred in 20 films in Mexico until arriving in Hollywood for her first English role in George Sherman’s “Comanche” (1956), where she played the kidnapped face of a Spanish Spanish aristocrat.

Born Marta Victoria Moya on February 23, 1931 in Buenos Aires, Linda Cristal spent her youth in Argentina. His father Antonio Moya Bourges was a French immigrant, a journalist who published in magazines. His mother, Rosario Pego, was Italian. In many interviews, Linda Cristal said that her father got into a conflict with a criminal gang and was forced to flee with his family to Montevideo, Uruguay. When he was 13, both parents died of carbon monoxide poisoning in their car.

As a teenager, Linda Cristal studied at the Conservatory. At the age of 16, she married Argentine actor Tito Gómez. The marriage was annulled after only a few weeks. During a trip to Mexico, together with her brother, she was noticed by the producer Miguelito Alemán who offered her a small role in one of his films. Under the name of Linda Cristal, she filmed eight productions with the actor and producer Raúl de Anda.

In the late 1950s, he played mainly in westerns. After appearing in 1958’s “The Last of the Fast Guns,” 1958, “The Fiend Who Walked the West,” he starred in 1959’s “Cry Tough,” a drama about Puerto Ricans in New York.

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Linda Cristal co-starred with John Wayne in “Alamo” in “Two Rode Toghether”, directed by John Ford in 1961, with James Stewart and Richard Widmark.

But in “Mr. Majestyk” Linda Cristal will play her leading role. Signed by Richard Fleischer, this western thriller, released in 1973, gave him the opportunity to meet Charles Bronson.

In 1988, Linda Cristal starred for the last time in the television series “General Hospital”.

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