Aqui Acontece – Vaccination against influenza continues until the 30th for the target audience of the campaign


16 June 2020 – 19:32

Users who are part of the target audience of the influenza vaccination campaign have until the 30th of this month to take the vaccine in the health units or schools available, avoiding the complications that can be caused by type A disease (H1N1, H3N2 ) and B.

The Immunization Management of the Municipal Health Secretariat also made teams available to immunize communities and associations that make the appointment at 3312-5435 or send an email to [email protected]

“People who are part of the target audience can look for the unit without having to be afraid, because all the necessary care is being taken. In addition, it is very important to guarantee immunization, which is being widely carried out in Maceió ”, highlights the director of Health Surveillance, Fernanda Rodrigues.

Members of the priority groups who have not yet been immunized can look for one of the vaccination points, from Monday to Friday. According to data from the Immunization Management, on Monday morning (15), 40.40% of children were immunized; 47.23% of pregnant women; 49.86% of puerperal women and 38.73% of adults aged 55 to 59 years.

Fernanda Rodrigues, director of Health Surveillance, reinforces that people who are part of the target audience should look for vaccination units knowing that all care is being redoubled to avoid contamination by the coronavirus.

“In addition, there are audiences that remain well below expectations and that have the aggravation of not having autonomy, which is the audience of children aged 6 months and under 6 years. We remember that it is the parents’ obligation to guarantee immunization to complement the protection of the little ones ”, he highlights.

The vaccine, which is not effective against the coronavirus, helps health professionals to exclude these types of influenza in the diagnosis of users.

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