Asteroid of 300 meters to pass close to the earth in the next day 24


Occasionally there are several satellites that, in their natural trajectory, approach the earth. One of the latter, for example, was a small rocky body – measuring approximately 4 to 8 meters in diameter – called 2020 HS7, which came to approach about 36,400 km of our planet on April 28 of that year.

A few months earlier, in February, a much larger object called 2002 PZ39 – about 990 meters in diameter – had its approach to the land predicted by NASA with an estimate of approximately 5 million kilometers away – which is significantly greater than other registered approaches.

Now it is the turn of the asteroid Apollo 441987, which is also known as 2010 NY65, to come “close” to us. The celestial body – which has a dimension of approximately 140 and 310 meters – will approach the earth on the 24th of that month and will be at a distance of 3.7 million kilometers from our planet. In its natural course, the asteroid will pass “here” at approximately 13 kilometers per second.

This information was provided by the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (NASA’s research center that studies objects that can approach the Earth).

Observed for the first time in June 2010, there are records in a NASA document that indicate that the rocky body has approached the earth since 1900, and since 2002, its approaches have always occurred between the months of June and July. The database establishes a limit of 0.5 astronomical unit (AU) – which refers to the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.

This is something that is expected to happen until the year 2035. From then on, according to the same document, the asteroid should not cross the Earth’s 0.5 AU limit until at least 2137. The shortest distance recorded between the 2010 NY65 and the earth is dated to 2018, when it passed about 2.7 million kilometers from our planet.

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