B.D. series fans, attention! One of the great secrets of the famous comedy was found


One of the explanations was left by Dumitru Furdui, one of the actors involved in the famous film project

His son, Tudor Furdui, found a testimony of him in the manuscripts of the actor who played Sergeant Major Cristoloveanu in the “B.D.” series.

Furthermore, Tudor Furdui intends to include it in a new volume about Romanian theater and film during communism.

Here are some notes about the atmosphere on the set of Mircea Dragan’s films, as the actor Dumitru Furdui left to posterity.

“If we only knew that the B.D. it will be so successful, we would not have done so well!

Because, many lines, made famous and used by young people and not only, until today, were not in the original script.

The atmosphere at the filming was extraordinary, the maximum fun, and the fun was at home, in the sense that each of the actors improvised a lot! ”, The actor noted.

“The nice characters Trandafir, Patraulea, Gogu, the platoon leader Căpşună, Captain Panait or Sergeant Major Cristoloveanu return to the small screen on Saturday night at TVR 1.

The national station will broadcast the second film of the series, “Diverse Brigade on alert!” In the second production of the series, the Diverse Brigade – made up of Captain Panait, Lieutenant Căpşună, Sergeant Major Cristoloveanu and the dog Costel – is given the mission to discover the origin of counterfeit money.

The criminals are set a trap to be caught red-handed, but they manage to escape. The brigade continues its action and reaches the headquarters of the forgers, but here it finds that Panait’s superior had already arrested the three thugs, Gogu, Trandafir and Steriade. The comedy can be seen on June 13, from 9.10 pm, on TVR 1.

Besides Toma Caragiu, Sebastian Papaiani, Dem Rădulescu, Puiu Călinescu, Iurie Darie, Jean Constantin, Dumitru Furdui, Ion Besoiu, the cast of the second film of the series also includes the actresses Vasilica Tastaman, Carmen-Maria Struja, Lucia Boga , Ioana Dragan, Reka Nagy and even Elena Caragiu, the wife of the actor Toma Caragiu.

Saturday night is dedicated by TVR 1 to the Romanian blockbuster. One of the most successful collections of Romanian cinema, Brigada Diverse is a series of three films directed by Mircea Drăgan, based on screenplays made by Nicolae Ţic. The local version of the famous French series of Gendarmes, B.D. gathered the biggest names of Romanian film since the early ’70s.

The three parts of the evergreen of Romanian comedy can be seen by TVR 1 viewers on Saturday night, from 9.10 pm.

About the actor Dumitru Furdui:

The name of the actor Dumitru Furdui is also linked to other big roles in Romanian films such as: A smile in the middle of summer, Autumn buds… or The blue gates of the city.

His artistic career continued in exile. Dumitru Furdui was first a beloved theater actor, among his best roles in theater being that of “The Diary of a Madman” by N. Gogol, the play in one character, recently broadcast by TVR 3.

Actor of theater and film, Dumitru Furdui knew in the country, besides the appreciation of the public, also the recognition of the authorities, being awarded with the Order of Cultural Merit class V (1967) “for special merits in the field of dramatic art”, but then he had to take political refuge in France “, it is shown in the TVR communiqué.

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