Body of young man who disappeared in motorboat accident in Grande BH is found by firefighters | Minas Gerais


The body of 20-year-old Kethlin Faria Soares, who had disappeared in a speedboat accident in Várzea das Flores, in Contagem, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, was found on Friday afternoon (12), according to the firemen.

The accident occurred in the early evening of Thursday (11). The Fire Department was called and searched the site until 1:30 am. The works were resumed in the morning.

Speedboat sinks in Contagem, in Greater BH – Photo: Aluísio Marques / TV Globo

According to firefighters, young people were gathered in the lagoon to celebrate a birthday on the launch, when it turned and sank. Witnesses indicate that the launch would not have supported the number of people inside.

THE Brazilian Navy (MB), reported on Friday (12), that a naval inspection team from the Fluvial Captaincy of Minas Gerais (CFMG) approached, on Thursday afternoon (11), the vessel that sank in Várzea das Flores, in Contagem. The driver was notified for not being qualified and the speedboat was transferred to another qualified driver who was on board.

Find out where the speedboat accident happened in Contagem

The motorboat was driven to the berth in the region. On Thursday night, MB learned of the accident of a motorboat at the dam. The information is that 14 people were on board and one was missing. CFMG said it immediately called the Search and Rescue team (SAR) to carry out the work with the Fire Department and the Civil Guard of Contagem.

The causes and responsibilities of the accident, from the point of view of the Maritime Authority, will be investigated in an Administrative Inquiry instituted by the Navy. The number 185 for Maritime Emergencies was made available, as well as the telephone number (31) 3567-0729 and the email [email protected] for answering, reporting and receiving information.

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