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China on Sunday isolated nearly half a million people in a region close to Beijing, which was hit in mid-June by a new Covid-19 outbreak, described by officials as “serious and complex”. The information is from AFP (Agence France-Press).

AFP / Wang Zhao
Man walks down a street in Beijing wearing a mask

The country practically contained the epidemic, but the appearance of about 300 new cases in the capital in just over two weeks fueled the fear of a second wave of contagion.
The mayor’s office launched a major testing campaign, closed schools and asked the population not to leave the city, in addition to confining thousands of people in residential areas considered at risk.
Authorities announced on Sunday the confinement of the canton of Anxin, located 60 kilometers south of Beijing, in Hebei province. Only one person per family can go out once a day to buy food and medicine. Eleven cases related to the Beijing outbreak have been identified in the region.
The Chinese Ministry of Health reported 14 new cases of the disease in Beijing in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 311 since the start of this new outbreak, detected on June 11 in the wholesale market in Xinfadi, in the south of the city, which supplies fresh produce supermarkets and restaurants.
About a third of the new cases reported so far are related to the beef and lamb section of the market, city officials told a news conference.
Diagnostic tests are mainly aimed at those who frequented the market, restaurant employees, delivery people and residents of residential areas considered at risk.
In total, 8.3 million samples were collected and 7.7 million were analyzed, the municipality announced on Sunday. This equates to almost half of Beijing’s population of 22 million.

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