Concert in the USA generates controversy


Na time when several American states are facing new outbreaks of Covid-19, videos of a concert by artist Chase Rice, in the state of Tennessee, in the United States, is generating controversy.

In the images of the show, which took place in Petros, shared by himself in the Instagram, a crowd without masks is visible, jumping and singing to the music.

In the space, which has a capacity for 10 thousand people, only a maximum of 4 thousand was allowed, explains a representative of the place, in statements to the CNN.

“Less than 1,000 people attended the Show, and 954 tickets were sold and only 809 were validated, thus providing ample space for fans to get away “, begins by explaining the statement.

According to the same note, the temperature was measured for all citizens at the entrance of the Show and made available disinfectant for hands. “Employees and suppliers were advised to wear masks and gloves when interacting with customers”, it is added, referring that, however, it was impossible “to reinforce compliance with distance.ncia recommended social, in addition to signage placed throughout the venue “.

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