Copel reduces energy prices for residential customers


The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), which regulates the system in Brazil, determined an average increase of 0.41% for consumers served by Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel). However, for the residential customer category, which represents 81% of the company’s base, there will be a 0.95% reduction in the tariff. The benefit reaches 3.8 million families. For trade and services served at low voltage, the reduction is 0.83%. Finally, for public lighting, the reduction is 0.93%.

The announcement was made by ANEEL on Thursday (25), in an ordinary meeting broadcast by social network of videos. Considering the other consumer classes, ANEEL defined an average adjustment of 0.41% for Copel’s concession area. High voltage customers will have an average increase of 1.13%.

The reduction for the large customer base, as well as the readjustment below the inflation of the last 12 months for the others, were made possible by the adoption, by ANEEL, of the so-called Conta-Covid. The IGP-M for the period was 6.51%.

COVID – Conta-Covid is a structural measure, made possible thanks to a market operation designed by the Ministries of Mines and Energy and Economy, in addition to ANEEL itself, with two clear objectives. The first is to relieve consumers’ pockets at this time of crisis.

The second objective is to ensure that electricity supply companies have the liquidity to overcome the effects of the new coronavirus pandemic, such as the drop in consumption and the increase in defaults.

DOLLAR – The rise in the dollar influences the calculation. The American currency is used to calculate the value of the energy generated by the Itaipu plant. Other factors are the composition of transmission system costs and other sector charges. The annual tariff review of each distributor is established for the date on which the federal concession was originated – in the case of Copel, June 24th.

Exemptions – Today, 295,915 families do not pay for electricity in Paraná. They are included in programs to care for the vulnerable population and are directly benefited by the measures adopted for the sector by the Federal Government and ANEEL during the new coronavirus pandemic. Of this total, 160 thousand were already part of the Luz Fraterna program, maintained by the Government of Paraná. The others are part of the federal registry.

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