Corinthians has R $ 23 million blocked by the Justice due to the sale of Jucilei


Justice authorized the blocking of R $ 23,053,579.81 of Corinthians’ television quotas. The request, forwarded to TV Globo and CBF, was made by J. Malucelli, an extinct association in Paraná, for a debt contracted by the Parque São Jorge club in the sale of the Jucilei wheel, in 2011. The case was revealed by the My Timon last weekend.

Corinthians is aware of the situation and, at this moment, is trying to make some kind of agreement with the Curitiba law firm for an installment of the debt. The intention is to show that, with the sharp drop in revenues due to the pandemic, the club will not be able to give up such a massive amount of money.

In an official note to My Timon, the club reported that “Due to the extraordinary facts that are affecting the club’s budget, a new agreement is being negotiated.”

If you endorse a new installment, J. Malucelli will also be giving Corinthians one more chance, which has not complied with the agreements previously signed. This is the reason, in fact, for the debt to reach R $ 23 million (see sequence below).

Remember the legal imbroglio, revealed by Meu Timão

In May 2009, Corinthians paid R $ 2 million to acquire Jucilei from J. Malucelli. Timão then became the owner of 50% of the player’s economic rights, leaving the other half with the team from Paraná. On February 28, 2011, Corinthians sold it to Russia for 10 million euros (at the time, R $ 22,936,000.00).

The compensation action by J. Malucelli is not only due to the lack of payment. The club also alleges bad faith on the part of Corinthians, in addition to a series of breaches of contractual clauses.

J. Malucelli says he is entitled to receive 50% if the fine (R $ 40 million) was applied. The club has received R $ 9,942,925.00 to date (explanation below) and, therefore, asked for a difference of R $ 10,057,075.00.

The paranaense club still demands compensation for the delay of Corinthians in transferring the amounts received, in addition to an outstanding amount. According to the process, Timão received the entire amount in two installments. In the first, he received just over R $ 11 million and transferred R $ 5,042,925.00 to J. Malucelli forty days late – the amount of R $ 711,075.00 was pending. In the second, Corinthians, in addition to having paid in three installments – and again late – left another R $ 914,000.00 pending. In sum, then, the club from Paraná stopped receiving R $ 1,625,075.00. With interest, the restated amount is R $ 2,832,423.98.

The case was tried and Corinthians was defeated. An agreement was then signed with the restated amounts: R $ 8,128,048.11 for restated indemnity; R $ 3,982,743.57 in interest since February 2011; R $ 3,728.49 of costs; and R $ 1,816,618.75 in fees. With interest, the agreement totaled R $ 14,437,000.00, which would be paid in 13 installments.

Corinthians, however, once again did not comply with the agreement.

J. Malucelli then filed a summons to receive the amount, including asking for the attachment and / or blocking of shares of Globo and the Brazilian Football Confederation. It is important to note: the amount, which was just over R $ 14 million, was recalculated with interest, fines and added to legal costs, and now it is R $ 23,053,579.81.

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