Coronavirus (06/27): Sergipe has 1,411 new infections and 26 deaths.


This Saturday, 27, the State Department of Health (SES) released the coronavirus epidemiological bulletin, with 1,411 new cases and 26 deaths. In Sergipe, 23,319 people have tested positive for COVID-19 and 605 have died. Among the new cases, 975 correspond to exams carried out between June 18 and 22, which were processed by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), in Rio de Janeiro.

Nine deaths are from the capital, with five men: 87, without comorbidities; 64, with hypertension; one month old child with chromosomal diseases; 79, with diabetes and hypertension; 32, without comorbidities. Women are: 59, with diabetes; 38, with obesity; 51, without comorbidities; 90, with hypertension, heart disease, hypothyroidism.

Inland, there were the following deaths, all women: 61, from Lagarto, without comorbidities; 40, from Barra dos Coqueiros, with hypertension, diabetes and chronic kidney disease; 79, resident of Malhador, with hypertension; 74, from Carira, with hypertension; 74, from Areia Branca, without comorbidities; 77, from Cristinápolis, without comorbidities; 84, from Neópolis, with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease; and 65, and Canindé de São Francisco, with heart disease.

The deaths of: man, 32, resident of Nossa Senhora das Dores, with obesity; male, 79, from Aquidabã, with diabetes.

In Estância, two women: 79, with diabetes and hypertension; and 86, without comorbidities. Itaporanga also recorded two deaths: man, 69, with diabetes; and woman, 49, with diabetes and obesity. In São Cristóvão, three more, two women, 76 years old, with hypertension and psychiatric disorder, and 74 years old, with alzheimer; and a 36-year-old man with no comorbidities.

There are 8,115 people healed so far. 47,563 exams were performed and 24,244 were negative. 609 patients are hospitalized, 248 in ICU beds (125 in the public network, 119 adult and 6 pediatric; and 123 in the private network, 121 adult and 2 pediatric) and 361 in clinical beds (231 in the public network and 130 in the private network). A further 14 deaths are investigated.

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