Coronavirus in ES: Casagrande presents plan for “extreme risk”


“We are experiencing the biggest health crisis in the world”

State governor: “We are not the federal government. The federal government is in a position to make a minimum income program. The first issue is this. According to the record: in fact, every crisis affects the most vulnerable people the most. They are the most affected, those who suffer the most are not only in this crisis, because they actually live in an environment of difficult isolation. It is necessary for people to present how to apply suggestions. It is not an easy task. We are experiencing the biggest health crisis in the last 100 years. we are having to live with teachers of God: people who have a solution for everything. Here, as governor, I have to decide between a bad measure or a worse measure. At that time, the leadership cannot leave its balance and responsibility. Who is in favor , who is against, who is hoping for more people to die … We are in this phase, of seeking balance, wisdom and divine protection to protect the capixabas “.

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