Covid-19. PRO.VAR association “shocked” by survey findings in the catering sector


The association PRO.VAR – Promoting and Innovating the National Restoration was “shocked” this Friday with the results of a survey among businessmen in the sector, which sought to understand the evolution of post-reopening billing, due to the covid-19 .

In a statement, PRO.VAR, the only national association dedicated exclusively to this sector, explains that the survey covered 852 establishments, with 6,853 employees, and concluded that 92.5% of the surveyed restaurant spaces reopened, but half ( 50.1%) recorded “breaks above 80% and two out of three restaurants have breaks above 70%”.

In view of the numbers, PRO.VAR “calls on the Government to seek immediate solutions to respond to this serious billing problem”.

“The proposals that PRO.VAR presented in the recent past are no longer enough, among which the reduction of VAT on meals from 13% to 6%, PERS, the Special Simplified Revitalization Plan, we now ask for measures with character urgent for immediate implementation, as there is little room for the sector to support the high costs “, warns the association.

PRO.VAR calls on the President of the Republic, the Government and all parties “to unite in order to find an immediate solution to respond to the current state of siege that the sector is in,” because, according to the association, “the situation is really very serious and dramatic “.

“The catering establishments have opened, but for the most part, they are unable to bill enough to make ends meet, the measures presented a few days ago are very insufficient and are not enough to guarantee survival, we ask that immediate measures be implemented” , defends the representative association of the sector.

Variable rents until the end of 2021, for all catering establishments, with the implementation of a new income calculation model, with the income being calculated according to the weight in sales in the homologated period, with the mandatory automatic communication of documents, in real time, is one of the measures requested by the association.

Another measure is the anticipation and guarantee of two minimum wages per worker on July 1, “regardless of whether the company continues or not in the simplified lay-off replacement program”.

In the survey, carried out between Monday and today, the following question was asked: “TOTAL BILLING – What is the billing percentage for this (these) Restaurant (s), from the last week from June 1st to 7th, in relation to the same period June 3rd to 9th (same date as last year)? “.

The overall results show that 8.7% of establishments had “no billing”, 19.8% “with billing between 0% and 10%” and 21.6% “with billing between 10% and 20% “.

“Only one in three restaurant spaces has smaller breaks, but even so, the majority of breaks are between 30% and 60%. In the analysis by regions and localities, we found that the dining spaces located in the areas tourists and shopping centers are the most affected, with falls between 80% and 90% “, the statement said.

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