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The dog adopted by the first lady Michelle Bolsonaro, after being rescued from the back of the Planalto Palace, in Brasilia, on June 18, it had an owner and was returned. The information was confirmed on Tuesday (30), by the owner of the animal, Nagib Lima Zeidan, through social networks.

“I can only thank the Bolsonaro family and everyone who took care of him for taking good care of my dog!”

Questioned by G1, the Planalto Palace said, in a note, “having no interest in the agenda”.

The animal, which was originally called Zeus, came to be named Augusto Bolsonaro and an Instagram profile. “My mom is Michelle Bolsonaro and my sisters are Letícia and Laura”, says the description on the social network.

Dog adopted by Michelle Bolsoanro is returned – Photo: Instagram / Reproduction

The reunion with the real owner, this Tuesday afternoon, was recorded in photos. In one of them, Zeus and Nagib Lima appear “kissing”.

Earlier, in an Instagram post, the makeup artist and friend of the first lady, Agostin Fernandez, said that “the owner appeared through the media”.

Dog adopted by Michelle Bolsonaro – Photo: Instagram / Reproduction

According to the profile created on Instagram, Zeus / Augusto Bolsonaro is a pastor-maremano and is 1 year old. The publication states that the animal was rescued from the street on June 19.

According to the first lady, a palace official took care of the animal and even took it home. As the employee was unable to keep the dog, the Bolsonaro family adopted Zeus and called him Augusto Bolsonaro.

In the social network, Michelle Bolsonaro said the dog is marked in the heart of the family and the employees who had contact with him.

“He didn’t have the profile of a stray dog. We were aware that he had a family, but he was free.”

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