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THE Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) this Tuesday (30) credits Emergency Aid to over 8.8 million beneficiaries, both from Bolsa Família and outside the program.

  • 1.9 million Bolsa Família beneficiaries, with final NIS 0, receive the third installment
  • 5.2 million workers from the first batch (who received the first installment until April 30), born in March and April, receive the third installment
  • 1.5 million workers from the second batch (who received the first installment between May 16 and 29), born in March and April, receive the second portion
  • 200 thousand new approved, born in March and April, receive the first installment

For Bolsa Família beneficiaries, payments are made in the same way as the benefit.

For the others, the funds will be released initially through digital social savings, in a staggered manner, according to the month of the worker’s birthday, for payment of bills, slips and purchases through the digital debit card. Withdrawals and transfers will be released at a later date (see at the end of the report the credit and withdrawal calendars)

Emergency aid: 3rd installment starts to be paid this Saturday (26)

In total, Caixa will make an additional R $ 19.7 billion available to 31 million people to pay the third installment.

In the second installment of those contemplated in lot 2, there are 8.7 million beneficiaries (credit for installment 1 made between 05/16 and 05/29) who will receive R $ 5.5 billion. In the case of the first installment of those approved within lot 4, there are 1.1 million beneficiaries who will receive approximately R $ 700 million.

The second installment for those approved for the third batch (who received the first between 16 and 17 June) has not yet been defined.

Cash transfers and withdrawals

Who will do the cash withdrawal, payments start on July 18th and run through September 19th. The calendar includes the third installment, the second installment for those approved in lot 2 and the first installment for those approved in lot 4. see below:

  • July 18 – born in January – 3.4 million people
  • July 25 – born in February – 3.1 million people
  • August 1 – born in March – 3.5 million people
  • August 8 – born in April – 3.4 million people
  • August 15 – born in May – 3.5 million people
  • August 29 – born in June – 3.4 million people
  • September 1 – born in July – 3.4 million people
  • September 8 – born in August – 3.4 million people
  • September 10 – born in September – 3.4 million people
  • September 12 – born in October – 3.4 million people
  • September 15 – born in November – 3.2 million people
  • September 19 – born in December – 3.3 million people

Withdrawal calendar of the third installment of emergency aid for those who are part of Bolsa Família – Photo: Editoria de Economia / G1

Lot 1, parcel 3 – emergency aid – Photo: Economy G1

Lot 2, parcel 2 – emergency aid – Photo: Economy G1

parcel 1, lot 4 (new approved) – Photo: Economy G1

Registration ends on July 2

The president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimarães, confirmed that July 2 is the last date to request Emergency Aid.

“As of that day, the registration will be closed and all the people who are being analyzed by Dataprev will have an answer. All the people who register and are validated will receive all installments. Even if they are approved there in the middle of July, they will receive the three installments “, he said.

Guimarães reported that 64.1 million beneficiaries have already received Emergency Aid, totaling R $ 90.8 billion: R $ 40.9 billion for members of Bolsa Família, R $ 14 billion for members of Cadúnico and R $ 35.9 billion for subscribers through the aid app / website. Most of it was paid in the Northeast (R $ 33 billion).

Of the 108.4 million people registered in the program, 106.3 million registrations were processed. 64.1 million beneficiaries were considered eligible, another 42.2 million were considered ineligible, 2 million are in the first analysis and 1.3 million are being re-analyzed.

Workers can consult the status of the benefit through the emergency aid application or the website auxilio.caixa.gov.br.


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