Exhausted, The Adventures of Poliana has nothing more to invent


O SBT is finally announcing the end of The Adventures of Poliana. The children’s soap opera, which has been on the air for more than two years and is expected to add more than 550 chapters, will actually have a forced ending. This is because the idea was to amend with the “second season”, which has been called Poliana Moça. But the pandemic has paralyzed work and the plot will have a hiatus.

Although the stoppage is due to a tragic reason, the pause should be good for the narrative. That’s because the adaptation of Íris Abravanel, based on the original by Eleanor H. Porter, has nowhere else to run for some time. The plot of the novel even started to be interesting, but the irresponsible extension made the story run out and go in circles.

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The telenovela told a story even round, with Poliana (Sophia Valverde) discovering a new life, after the loss of the parents, and teaching the “game of the content”, modifying the life of all that surrounds it. However, this premise functioned as a plot lint, which proved unable to sustain such a long soap opera.

So, to supply the story, Íris Abravanel and his team made use of an arsenal of episodic narratives, involving students and staff at the Ruth Goulart school, who were going nowhere. Meanwhile, some of the secrets were being carried on a double boiler. The truth about the protagonist’s paternity, for example, was recently revealed.

The whole plot that involved Poliana was even forgotten in the face of the novel’s purposeless narrative arcs. Only now, in the final stretch of the first phase, did the authors recover the protagonism of the girl, who will have a new setback in life and will be unable to walk. This should give some breath to the last chapters, since there were no major resolutions aimed at the outcome.

New phase

Thus, The Adventures of Poliana has any chance of regaining audience interest. The second phase will feature a teenage protagonist, new characters and conflicts. And that is good, since that is precisely what has been missing in the soap opera for some time.

In this way, the pause between the first and second season will help the audience to “rest” from this first and interminable phase. Rediscovering the characters already grown, months later, will serve to mark the change well, making Poliana Moça appear as a new novel, and not “more of the same”.

The ideal would be a new novel, of course, but, since the bet will be on a new season, that at least the public has time to breathe. It might work.

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