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A preliminary decision by the Federal Court, released on Tuesday (23), obliges the president Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) wearing a mask in public spaces in the Federal District. Failure to comply with the measure implies a daily fine of R $ 2,000.

The determination meets a public civil action filed by a lawyer from the capital. According to the magistrate, the Federal Government should also demand the use of the protection item by servers and employees of the federal government while they are in service, under penalty of a daily fine in the amount of R $ 20 thousand.

” […] The conduct of the President of the Republic, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who has refused to wear a face mask in acts and public places in the Federal District, shows a clear intention to break the rules imposed by the Government of the Federal District, which has done nothing, as stated in the lines returned, to inspect the use of PPE “, quotes from the decision.

The use of the protection item has been mandatory in public areas of the capital since April 30 (see details below). The inspection of the effective use by the entire population, in addition to the adhesion of the president and government officials will be the responsibility of the Federal District. THE G1 awaits a positioning of the Planalto Palace on the measure.

Justice forces President Bolsonaro to wear mask

In popular action the justification is that “the omissive conduct of the Union and the Federal District and the irresponsible conduct of the president tend, in a short universe of time, to largely empty the preventive measures adopted, making the Federal District , which has one of the lowest numbers of deaths, start to watch the increase of this unfortunate indicative “.

The use of protective masks in public spaces in DF is mandatory since April 30th. On the first weekend of May, Bolsonaro took part in popular acts in favor of the government, with crowds of people and without using the accessory.

President Jair Bolsonaro rides a water bike on Lake Paranoá, in Brasília – Photo: Personal archive

After 10 days of measurement, the President went out without a mask, this time to ride a water bike on Lake Paranoá. At the time, at least 12 supporters flocked to the pier of a marina near the official residence, on the banks of the lake. Images taken at the scene show that the president greeted and took pictures with these people.

Images of the president were also recorded, leaning the watercraft on a speedboat and greeting the occupants who, without a mask, had a barbecue on the boat.

President Jair Bolsonaro rides a water bike on Lake Paranoá, in Brasilia

President Jair Bolsonaro rides a water bike on Lake Paranoá, in Brasilia

On May 31, in another act of supporters, also without wearing the mask, Bolsonaro went to the front of the Planalto Palace and, on foot, walked through the pen where the protesters were gathering. At another point in the act, the president rode a military patrol horse and rode among the protesters, waving.

Then he visited the DF Public Security Secretary, Anderson Torres, also without wearing the protective accessory.

The use of the protection item has been mandatory in public areas of the capital since April 30th. Whoever is caught without the accessory can be fined up to R $ 2 thousand, besides being responsible for the crime of infraction of sanitary measure. The penalty in this case can be up to one year in prison.

GDF infraction notice, sent to the Minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub – Photo: Disclosure

On June 15, the DF government fined former Education Minister Abraham Weintraub, R $ 2,000, for not wearing a mask during a protest in Brasília. Weintraub was in an act of supporters of President Bolsonaro at the Esplanada dos Ministérios.

In addition to the minister, most of the protesters were also without a mask. During the act, Weintraub caused a crowd, greeted, took pictures and hugged people.

The amount of the fine imposed on the minister is the maximum penalty. In the document, the supervisor who applied the penalty wrote that the notification occurred because the “assessed person” was on a public road “without a protective mask. […] in disagreement with the established in decree nº 40.648 / 2020 in the Federal District “. The notice of infraction was addressed to the minister’s office, in the Esplanade.

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