Fire in a paper mill in Santa Maria da Feira requires the removal of 200 residents – Portugal


A big fire in a paper mill in Rio Meão, in Santa Maria da Feira, is this Monday night mobilizing at least 144 firefighters and 48 fire-fighting vehicles. To what Morning mail found, at the source of the GNR, there are already several houses to be evacuated due to the size of the fire. About 200 residents were evacuated to safe areas

The fire rages at the Zarrinha factory, which, according to CDOS in Aveiro, is engulfed in flames. Still according to the same source there are no victims of the fire that is out of control. Two trucks were engulfed by the flames.

The alert was given at 10:15 pm and remains active.

Source link–violento-incendio-em-fabrica-de-papel-de-santa-maria-da-feira-veja-as-imagens


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