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O Fluminense released on Thursday the result of Covid-19 exams at the club earlier this week. And the result was considered satisfactory in view of the quarantine proposal adopted for three months: only four of 191 tests were positive, two employees and two relatives of athletes, who are isolated and with medical monitoring. Only one player, whose name was not revealed, was inconclusive and will have to repeat the exam on Saturday.

See the official club note:

“Fluminense tested athletes, employees of the Carlos Castilho Training Center and people who are living with the athletes during the isolation phase in their homes. The tests were carried out on the 15th and 16th of June. The results were consolidated on Thursday fair (18/06), counting 191 tests, with four positive results (two administrative employees and two relatives of athletes) and one still inconclusive (of an athlete) to be redone next Saturday. All those who tested positive are automatically isolated and with medical monitoring of the club. The other 38 athletes from the professional group and the entire coaching staff tested negative and are able to return to training from this Friday “.

Fluminense hired a specialized laboratory to carry out the exams. IgG / IgM is made from blood collection and indicates whether the patient is or has been infected in a period of at least three weeks and has antibodies to the virus. The PCR, on the other hand, collects material through a cotton swab inserted through the nose to assess the presence of genetic material from the virus, detecting whether the examinee has the disease. Technical committee, staff and the U-23 squad were also tested.

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Ganso makes medical exams for the 2020 season of Fluminense – Photo: Mailson Santana / FFC

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