Friday: Toledo registers 54 more positive cases of the new Coronavirus


In an official bulletin released on Friday afternoon (26), the Municipal Health Secretariat and the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) confirmed another 54 positive cases for the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Toledo. With these more confirmations the municipality reached 1,060 cases of the disease.

Of the 54 cases confirmed for Covid-19 today, 40 were identified via the Unified Health System (SUS), and 14 in the private health system. Of the cases confirmed in the Public Health system, 24 were through RT-PCR examination (12 male and 12 female), and 16 through rapid tests (06 male and 10 female. Of the cases discovered in the private health system, eight were through examination RT-PCR (04 male and 04 female), and six through rapid tests (03 male and 03 female).

Bed occupancy rate

In the coverage area of ​​the 20th Health Regional of Toledo, there are two hospitals with exclusive beds for the care of patients who contracted Covid-19. The first of them is the Marcel Micheletto Beneficente Hospital, in Assis Chateaubriand, which has 14 infirmary beds, five of which are occupied and 14 Intensive Care (ICU) beds, of which 11 are occupied.

The other Health Unit in the region to have exclusive beds for the care of Covid patients is the Bom Jesus Hospital, in Toledo, which has eight clinical beds, five of which are occupied and 12 ICU beds, of which all are located. if busy at the moment. The total occupancy rate at the 20th Health Regional in Toledo is 45.45% of the infirmary beds and 88.46% of the ICU beds.

It is important to remember that the Bom Jesus Hospital still has four other ICU beds at its disposal, however they are unavailable at the moment, due to problems with respirators. According to the 20th Health Regional, the fans are undergoing repair and will soon be available to the population of Toledo and the region.


To date, the city of Toledo has 2,145 cases reported from Covid-19, with 550 cases discarded and 535 under analysis. 1,060 confirmed cases were still recorded, 371 people recovered and 11 deaths occurred due to complications caused by the disease.

In Toledo, 42 citizens are admitted to hospitals in the municipality and other locations. Of these, 24 are in nursing beds and another 18 are in ICU rooms.

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