Frozen 2 reveals tragic secret character story


2 was the most successful in continuing the story of one of the contemporary films
most iconic of Disney. The sequence changed the scenario, and left Arendelle for
Enchanted florest.

At the
film, Elsa discovers the truth behind her powers, which brings great
consequences for the protagonist and her kingdom.

to explore Elsa’s family background, Frozen 2 also introduces several new
characters that help the development of the plot.

Recently, a documentary series on the production of Frozen 2 revealed a tragic aspect about the story of one of the new characters; check it out below!

history of Frozen 2 reflects completely on the people who worked in the production
of the movie. That is why the documentary series “Into the Unknown” is so powerful. The
episodes reveal how the characters relate to the personal lives of
production team members.

third episode of the series reveals that one of the new characters, Ryder, helped the
director Chris Buck dealing with grief and loss.

time of the end of production of the first Frozen, Buck’s son died in a
car accident. He was also called Ryder.

closing party was very strange for me. People would come and say
who loved the movie, and 10 seconds later returned to offer their condolences for the
my son’s death. And that happened all night, ”said the co-director.

also said that the song “The Next Right Thing”, sung by the performer of
Anna, helped him cope with the grief and keep working.

Frozen 2, the character voiced by Jason Ritter earned the name Ryder in
tribute to Chris Buck’s son.

we increased his plot was he is very fun and positive. It helped me to
see things differently, ”said Buck.

2 is now available on digital platforms.

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