Giani Kirita revealed after 18 years where the “conflict” with Gica Popescu started. “He had a problem with me, but I didn’t have it with him.” Why did Ion Moldovan want to fire him, after a mistake by “Baciului” | VIDEO


“It was the biggest mistake of my life, to go to Dinamo”, Gică Popescu always said. “Baciul” played in 2002 for the team from “Ștefan cel Mare”. It was said then that he left after a conflict with the one who had worn the armband until his arrival. Giani Kirita told what happened and claims that he had no role in this story.

Gica Popescu transferred to Dinamo in 2002. The news infuriated and disappointed the Oltenian fans. The former captain of the national team played only 8 games for the team from “Ștefan cel Mare”. A match with Oţelul in which Mihai Guriță scored two goals pushed him to leave the “dogs” team. It was said then that it was worked by Giani Kirita and that a conflict would have taken place between the two.

“We play in Galati and eat beatings! Gică Popescu lags behind, after Guriță shifted his speeds… Then the gallery got annoyed and started shouting my name.

Giovanni Becali came and told me that I had the gallery shout. “Bre, Uncle Giovanni, I told you to calm down a little. Do I ever have this power? ». I didn’t have any phone numbers from the fans, I hadn’t talked to them since before the match with Steaua. That’s how people felt and shouted my name. “, said Kirita in a discussion on Robert Niță’s “YouTube” channel

The former captain claims that he tried to help Gica Popescu and immediately handed him the armband.

“I was a captain at Dinamo, very loved, and when he came to the team I didn’t say anything, God forgive me: a footballer like Gica Popescu is respected everywhere in the world. He was the captain of Barcelona !. “Take my brother’s Dinamo banner.”

Did you give it?

I didn’t even have to give it! I didn’t ask who the captain was because it seemed normal for him to be. “, said the former Dinamo player.

“I always felt Gică Popescu cold”

Giani Kirita claims that he had no problem with Gica Popescu, but he is convinced that the former Barcelona captain did not like him at all.

“Did Gica Popescu tell you anything after that?”

“No, but I ‘felt cold’ all the time. “I felt cold,” at any hour of the day or night. He had a problem with me, but I didn’t have one with him. Being about Gică Popescu and respecting him, I had no reason to argue with him, that it didn’t make sense! ”, the Dinamo player also declared.

Giani Kirita says that due to a mistake of Gica Popescu he had a conflict with Ion Moldovan. The coach threatened to fire him.

“Ion Moldovan was the coach! At a match, at a corner, I was with my man in the scoreboard and the man Gică Popescu scored was empty handed.

Ion Moldovan told me that because of me it was empty. I say: “Take it, bro, nea Nelule… let’s see on the video”. “Let me tell you what to do!” I’m kicking you out of Dinamo! ». What do you call me? I’m with the man here and he came from there… ”, also revealed Kirita.

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