He consumed a teaspoon of rice every day and …


You have to take as many teaspoons of rice as you have divided by 2 years (ex: if you are 40 years old, you need 20 teaspoons). Put the rice in a jar, squeeze a lemon over it, fill the jar with water then close it well and put it in the fridge until the next day. Morning, eat a teaspoon of this rice on an empty stomach, preferably before 8:30. Drink a glass of warm water immediately after swallowing the rice, you can even drink water and swallow alternative rice, accordingly secretele.com.
Repeat the procedure until the preparation is finished.

The secret lies in the combination of rice grains with lemon juice and water. Prepared in this way, the remedy causes the rice to be digested in the intestine, not in the stomach, acting like a sponge. Thus, the intestines, blood vessels and other parts of the body are cleansed of toxins. This recipe with rice helps to normalize the metabolism, getting rid of extra pounds.
After treatment, you will not only feel healthier, but also younger.
There is only one condition: after eating rice, you should not eat anything at all for 3 hours.

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