Images of the rare annular eclipse of the sun on the longest day of the year


THEAnnular eclipses occur when the full moon passes in front of the sun, without completely covering the solar disk, creating a kind of bright halo or ring of fire around the satellite, in a phenomenon considered to be of rare beauty and that this year coincides with the solstice summer (you can see the images in the gallery above).

The partial eclipse started at 3:45 am TMG) west of Nigori (Kenya) and ended at 4:48 am (TMG), when he could be seen in the Republic of Congo, and then moved to Ethiopia, the Peninsula Arabica, Pakistan and Northern India.

The maximum eclipse occurred at 6:40 am (TMG), next to Jyotirmath (India), where more than 99% of the sun was covered, a moment that lasted only 38 seconds.

From there, it advanced in direction to China, entering Tibet, crossing the country to the island of Taiwan.

The annular eclipse ended at 8:32 am (TMG) at a point in the Pacific Ocean, southeast of the island of Guam (USA), with a partial eclipse occurring an hour later in the eastern Philippines.

The phenomenon was a special occasion, since it coincided with the summer solstice, something that in this century will only happen this year and on 21 June 2039, when it can be seen more clearly in Alaska (USA), areas Northern Canada, GronelThendia and in the Nordic countries.

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