Immediate severe weather warning. ANM announces red and orange storm code


The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued, on Tuesday, a Code Orange warning for unstable weather and rain, targeting until 23:00 over three quarters of the country.

UPDATE 16:45 – ANM issued, on Tuesday, a nowcasting warning Red Storm Code, valid for Suceava and Galați counties.

According to meteorologists, until 17:45, in the warned counties there will be torrential showers that will total 50-60 l / sqm, frequent electric discharges, isolated medium-sized hail and storms.

Yellow code of atmospheric instability until Thursday

At the same time, ANM issued a Yellow Code alert for atmospheric instability temporarily accentuated in seven other counties and the Municipality of Bucharest, until Thursday morning.
Thus, on Tuesday, between 12:00 and 23:00, the Orange Code warning will be in force, and the specialized forecast shows that, on Tuesday afternoon (June 16) and at the beginning of the night from Tuesday to Wednesday ( June 16/17), in Oltenia, Banat, Crişana, Maramureş, Transylvania, Moldova and locally in Muntenia there will be periods with torrential downpours and will accumulate water quantities of over 40 l / sqm and on restricted areas 50 – 80 l / mp.

There will also be strong wind intensifications, with gusts of over 70-80 km / h, storms, hail and frequent electrical discharges.

According to meteorologists, between June 16, 10:00 – June 18, 10:00, there will be a yellow code of bad weather in the counties of Tulcea, Constanţa, Brăila, Ialomiţa, Călăraşi, Teleorman, Giurgiu and Bucharest.

During this warning, in most parts of the country there will be periods of accentuated atmospheric instability, which will be manifested by frequent electrical discharges, torrential downpours, hail and storms. The water quantities will exceed 25 – 30 l / sqm and on restricted areas 40 – 60 l / sqm.

The NMA states that atmospheric instability will remain at a high level in most parts of the country throughout the current week.

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