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Kate Middleton is preparing a bombastic interview in which she reveals her version of the facts reported by the article in the magazine ‘Tatler’, entitled ‘Catarina the Great’.Prince William’s wife did not like the way she was portrayed in the article, which in the meantime has already demanded that it be removed from the publication’s website, and now wants to restore the truth.

But it won’t stop here. According to ‘In Touch’, the Duchess of Cambridge will also speak of forgiveness to Meghan Markle, preparations to become the new Queen of England, in case her father-in-law, Prince Charles, resigns the throne, and possibility of having more children. “Kate wants to do the interview in September, in which she will reveal her version of the facts and tell how Harry and Meghan divided the family”, begins by saying a source close to Middleton. “At the same time, it will tell you how she and William managed to overcome the difficult times and made their relationship even stronger”, he adds.

“False” information
Earlier this month, ‘Tatler’ magazine published a story in which it stated that Prince William’s wife had been quite aggressive towards Meghan Markle and put her aside from the start.

The publication also said that Kate was upset about the removal of her brothers-in-law and that she felt overwhelmed due to her work and duties towards royalty having increased. Shortly thereafter, Kensington Palace issued a statement in which it dubbed the information “false” and “distorted from reality”.

Meghan Markle still in negotiations

Who is also preparing to give a revealing and controversial interview is Meghan Markle. Presenters Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are some of the personalities who are willing to pay a fortune to get the exclusive.

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