Kiribati, possible strategic arbiter between China, Taiwan and the USA


Today, the state is going to vote for its president. And why is this moment so important?

Well, the outcome of these elections will determine “the election of a pro-Chinese president or, conversely, one who wants to recognize Taiwan,” the magazine explains.

In September 2019, the current president, who is still running, Taneti Maamau, decided, to everyone’s surprise, to support Beijing, given that until then, the archipelago was close to Taiwan.

Maamau’s opponent, Banuera Berina, on the other hand, supports Taiwan and accuses the current president of corruption.

The re-election of President Taneti Maamau seems to worry the United States. The Hawaiian Archipelago, a major theater of US military operations, is just a few thousand miles away.

However, the US representative at the UN is not too worried. “Even if the United States does not provide aid to the state of Kiribati, it enjoys popular support (…), especially for the liberation of the archipelago in 1943 from the Japanese occupation. Then, under the British protectorate, the archipelago gained its independence in 1979 “.

However, according to Foreign Policy, “a possible expansion of China into the Pacific, favored by the Kiribati elections, could harm the United States and its allies.”

Donald Trump, electoral start amid criticism and controversy

Trump fired New York prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who investigated people in his close circle, headlines The New York Times.

The president’s move has heightened criticism that he is clearing his administration of people whose independence could be a threat to his re-election.

One of the sensitive investigations concerns Halkbank, a Turkish state bank.

The newspaper recalls that in its new book, John Bolton, the former national security adviser, writes that Donald Trump promised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2018 that he will intervene in the investigation in which the bank was accused of violating sanctions against Iran. .

Then there was the investigation into Rudy Giuliani, regarding the lobby for foreign entities.

Another controversial element: did Trump call for a slowdown in coronavirus testing to keep the number of cases low?

As he relates The Washington Post, amid rising infections, President Trump said at his campaign rally in Tulsa on Saturday night that he told officials to administer fewer tests.

The comments have drawn a wave of criticism from Democrats, who say the president is more focused on saving his situation than protecting public health.

A White House official told The Washington Post that Trump was joking, a defense that Trump’s aides routinely turn to when he says something controversial.

And Le Figaro notes that the president has not explained whether he is serious or not, but the way he has handled the health crisis in the United States is widely criticized.

The New York Post reports that President Trump returned triumphant – and angry – to the stage of Saturday night’s rally in front of a smaller-than-expected audience in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For the large number of empty seats in the hall, Trump blamed the media, which would have urged the public not to come to the rally.

In France, The Cross sees a Donald Trump on the defensive. He failed to mobilize supporters in the Oklahoma Republican citadel.

This weak mobilization ended a dark week for Donald Trump. None of the Republican congressmen defended the sudden dismissal by the president, on Saturday, June 20, of the New York prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman, who investigated the actions of two of his relatives: Michael Cohen, his former personal lawyer and Rudy Giuliani.

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