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The Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon remains at the center of concerns, measures to try to contain the covid-19 epidemic multiply and patients are being transferred to hospitals many tens of kilometers away. This Monday a new reinforcement of doctors was announced for the identification and mapping of active cases and multidisciplinary teams in the field, who will have the support of the security forces, in case it is necessary to ensure that the isolations are fulfilled.

The reinforcement was announced at the usual press conference to assess the epidemiological situation, on the day that 266 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus were registered across the country, 225 of which in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley (LVT). The coordinator of the Regional Intervention Office for the Suppression of covid-19 in the LVT region, Rui Portugal, said that there will be a reinforcement of multidisciplinary teams on the ground. There are three teams in the municipality of Loures, two in Amadora, three in Sintra and, “for now”, another three in the city of Lisbon. In addition to elements of Civil Protection and Social Security, these teams have “support from the security forces, if necessary so that the isolation takes place”, he emphasized.

Responding to criticisms of a lack of coordination between the various hospitals in the region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo and the fact that the hospitals in Amadora-Sintra and Loures are transferring patients to hospital units such as Abrantes and Hospital Militar instead of the Curry Cabral Hospital (Lisbon), Rui Portugal recalled that coordination between hospitals is carried out by the regional health administrations but considered that the options that were made “are probably the best options in relation to the contexts of the patients” and stressed that it is not “mandatory that referral of all infectious disease cases to referral hospitals [Curry Cabral]”.

THE clinical director of Santarém Hospital revealed, however, to Lusa that the unit received four people infected with covid-19 from the Amadora-Sintra Hospital. “So far, eight hospitalizations have been requested, but only four patients have been sent,” said Paulo Sintra. “Patients aged 83, 97 years, and another one coming from Guinea were sent for specific treatment with comorbidities”, he specified, adding that “one of the patients aged 83, who was negative on arrival and was asymptomatic, after two days of hospitalization in the HDS [Hospital de Santarém]”, Was no longer received by Amadora-Sintra.

“There is no overhead”

Contextualizing the figures, the Secretary of State for Health, António Lacerda Sales, recalled at the press conference that, since May 13, the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region has been the one that tests the most in Portugal and has de-dramatized the situation. Intensive care units in hospitals in the region have an occupancy rate of 66%, while in the rest of the country it is 65%, he said. “Of these, only 20% are covid patients. There is no overhead and there is the capacity to continue to respond to needs, ”he said. The number of patients admitted to intensive care dropped this Monday to 71 (four less than on Sunday), although the number of patients admitted to the general ward increased to 489 (plus 31), the largest increase in almost two months. .

Lacerda Sales also said that there will be a new reinforcement of public health doctors from the units of the most affected municipalities in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Twenty were announced last week and now “the entry of about 80 inpatients from various hospitals is underway,” he said. “This reinforcement is crucial for the mapping and georeferencing of all active cases in the municipality and parish, so that we can quickly follow the transmission chains in the region and contain them”. with Lusa

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