MP asks STF to suspend isolation relaxation in RJ


The MP-RJ (Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro) and Defensoria Pública do RJ filed a request in the STF (Supreme Federal Court) for the Supreme Court to demand technical and scientific studies from the government and city hall that support the easing of social isolation in the state and in the capital, in addition to suspending relaxation until then.

This Saturday (27), street commerce is back in business in Rio de Janeiro after three months. Mayor Marcelo Crivella (Republicans) anticipated the authorization for the reopening of street commerce, initially scheduled for July 2.

Now, stores can open for six hours, from 11 am to 5 pm. According to the City Hall, the anticipation of the opening occurred after evaluation by the scientific council that advises the mayor on measures related to the pandemic.

The complaint filed at the STF by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is against the decision of the president of the TJ-RJ (Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro), which received resources from the state and municipal governments and suspended the effects of an injunction suspending social isolation measures in the State From Rio.

On Friday (26) Minister Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of the action, determined that the TJ-RJ present information in 10 days.

At the same time, the MP and the defender appealed to the Special Body of the TJ-RJ to try to annul the decision that allows the relaxation of the social distance measures.

According to the MP, there is a serious risk to the health of the population generated by the issuing of decrees to make economic activities more flexible without adequate studies.

The TJ-RJ informed, in a note, that “as soon as it is notified by the Supreme Federal Court, it will provide all the information requested by the reporting minister, forwarding to him also the technical elements attached by the applicants that gave rise to the decision given by the president.”

The Court of Justice also said that it is important to point out that the suspension of security has a counter-caution nature impregnated with a political judgment in terms of the peaceful jurisprudence of the STJ, being an important instrument for the protection of order, economy, security and public health, protecting, albeit abstractly, the protection of society’s diffuse rights.

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