New models of the iPhone 12 are displayed on the web and we find out that the 5.4-inch version will be more compact than the iPhone SE 2020


During the leak period of a phone we first have concept renderings, sketches based on CAD schemes from the factory, and then models that case manufacturers use to develop accessories. This is exactly what happens with the series of phones iPhone 12 who in recent weeks has been receiving models as we have repeatedly informed you here, or here and which is back online today.

This time we look at some models finished like a book and which at first sight you would say are really real phones. YouTuber site iUpdate is the one who got hold of these units and presents them to us in the video below. He declares from the beginning that he is amazed by how good these models look, but also by the design that the new phones will adopt.

From his words we also find out that the phones (although in the mock-up stage) feel premium, probably due to the changes brought at the level of look – especially referring to the flat metal frame approach as on the iPhone 5s. There is also a mention here, that the photo setups presented on the models are not the final ones.

Macheta iPhone 12

The case is still the final one, it seems, and of the 3 variants of iPhone 12 that it includes in the clip (iPhone 12 5.4 inch, iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 inch, iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inches) – the most attractive is the 5.4 inches. It is even more compact than the iPhone SE (2020), and you can see the differences in size in the clip.

It is circulated that all variants iPhone 12 will have OLED displays, Apple A14 processors and flat panels. The differences will be noticed in terms of size, diagonals, battery capacity, RAM / storage and of course cameras. I recently found out that the cheapest model, namely the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 LTE it could only cost $ 549.

The release remains in the books for September and apparently in the box we will have no headphones or chargers.

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