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Efforts to improve diplomatic relations between the North Korea and the United States have given way to hopelessness, North Korean Chancellor Ri Son Gwon said on Friday (local time) two years after a summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

“The hope of improving relations, which was very high and observed around the world two years ago, now turns into hopelessness, characterized by rapid deterioration,” said the official in a statement released by the official KCNA news agency.

Trump and Kim met in person in Singapore on June 12, 2018, at the first summit between the leaders of the two countries.

But talks over North Korea’s nuclear program have stalled since the failure of a second Trump-Kim meeting, held in Hanoi last year, over possible Pyongyang concessions in exchange for easing economic sanctions.

In a long statement issued by the Central News Agency of South Korea (KCNA), Chancellor Ri said that while the people of both countries want peace, Washington “is committed to making the situation worse.”

“Even a small light of optimism for peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula has turned into a dark nightmare,” he said.

The chancellor said that the country decided to strengthen its nuclear deterrence national “to deal with the constant threats of nuclear war from the United States”.

Ri also highlighted Pyongyang’s key decisions to improve ties, such as a moratorium on nuclear testing, the dismantling of the main test site in Punggye-ri and the repatriation of the remains of American soldiers from the Korean War.

But on January 1 this year, Kim declared the end of the self-imposed moratorium on nuclear and weapons testing.

Pyongyang is subject to several UN Security Council sanctions for its weapons programs, but it has conducted a series of tests in recent months, often describing them as multiple rocket launch systems, although Japan and the United States classify them. like ballistic missiles.

“The United States claims to be advocates for better relations (with North Korea), but is actually committed to making the situation worse,” said Ri in the KCNA statement.

“As a result, the Korean peninsula has become the most dangerous place in the world, under constant threat from the specter of nuclear war,” he said.

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