Over 7 million people saw the PS5 event live


Sony presented its next game console, the PS5, this evening in a broadcast where we saw several of the titles that will accompany the console throughout its early years.

We saw the announcement of several first party games, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West or the Demon Souls Remake, along with long-awaited titles from external studios such as Resident Evil VIllage.

Most important of all, if there were any doubts about people’s interest in a new generation, the 7 million viewers who saw the Sony event live show that the market is more than prepared for the arrival of new consoles, towards the end of the year. The data was advanced by well-known industry insider and Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Still on PlayStation 5, which we know will be released in two versions, one dedicated exclusively to the digital format, then you can check out an image gallery where the PS5 can be enjoyed, together with the official peripherals, in all its glory.

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