Plasma of cured patients from Covid-19 will be used to treat the disease


Plasma research (Photo: Claudio Furlan / Sports Day / Estadão Content)

After winning the covid-19, people who had the disease will be able to help in a research that aims to reduce the length of hospital stay and save more lives in the state. The study of the Hemotherapy and Hematology Center of Espírito Santo (Hemoes) will use the plasma of those who have been cured to treat patients admitted to hospital.

The research, according to the technical director of Hemoes, Rachel Lacourt, has been developed for some time in the State and, now, the team awaits only the signaling of the hospital Jayme Santos Neves, in Serra, reference in the treatment of patients with the covid -19, to start plasma transfusions.

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood and, in the case of people who have recovered from covid-19, there are antibodies created by the body in order to fight the disease. These antibodies would remain in the blood.

The researchers’ idea is to use the plasma of those who were cured of covid-19, that is, with antibodies to the coronavirus to treat patients who are hospitalized. The technical director of Hemoes explains that similar research has been carried out in other states.

Lacourt informed that the people who are going to receive the transfusion are patients who have the potential for the disease to evolve and not patients in the initial phase.

“We hope to reduce the length of stay in the Intensive Care Unit, the time on mechanical ventilation and the outcome of these patients, decreasing the mortality rate,” he said.

Initially, the hospital where the research will be carried out is Jayme Santos Neves, in Serra, which is a reference in the state for the treatment of patients with covid-19. The study will start with 100 patients.

“We made an initial proposal to be subjects of the research 100 individuals, 50 will receive the plasma and another 50 as a control group in a paired sample. But it is an initial proposal and can be extended if we realize that it helps with treatment, as has been observed in other centers ”, informed the technical director of Hemoes.

According to her, the Epidemiological Surveillance team, from the State Department of Health (Sesa), is making contact with the cured people to invite them to donate the plasma for the research. Lacourt informed that the idea has been well accepted and 20 patients recovered from the disease have already contributed with the material.

“Each one that donates, we can make two plasma bags. So there are 40 scholarships available. But for the treatment of each patient, two bags are necessary ”, she explained.

In this first moment, Lacourt said that Sesa is conducting the search for donors, but in the future the option of voluntary donation of the material may also be opened.

“The person arrives here before the collection and repeats and the RT-PCR (molecular) and the serological exam (rapid test) to prove that he had the disease”, he said.

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