Plasma treatment in patients with covid-19 may decrease risk of death; hematologist explains!


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Plasma is the liquid part of the blood, formed by substances such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, proteins, vitamins and hormones, corresponding to more than half of the blood volume.

The antibodies produced by patients cured of Covid-19 they can be useful and assist in the recovery of patients who have moderate or severe cases of the new coronavirus. This is a new treatment with plasma from cured donors that may mean shorter hospital stays, ICUs and less risk of death from infection.

In Espírito Santo, Hemoes, in partnership with Epidemiological Surveillance and Lacen, conducted a survey to test the efficiency of the method, evaluating the daily clinical evolution of patients who received the transfusion.


In São Paulo, the method has been tested and shown good results. The hematologist and hemotherapist of Beneficência Portuguesa de SP, André Larrubia, explains that the treatment consists of removing a part of the blood of patients who have already healed from covid-19, that is, they already have immunity against the virus, and transfuse in patients who severe disease.

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How do antibodies act on the infected patient’s body?

“In plasma treatment, patients receive specific antibodies against the new coronavirus, in an attempt to fight the disease more quickly. It is called passive immunotherapy, which aims to decrease viral load, symptoms and complications of the disease,” he explained. the doctor.

One of the difficulties encountered in the treatment is in relation to the compatibility of blood types, as well as in common blood transfusions, it is necessary that the donor and the patient are of the same blood type.

How is the collection and transfusion done?

According to the hematologist, the collection of plasma from these donors can occur similarly to a normal donation or through equipment called an automated processor. “In the first case, the plasma is separated in the same way as in a blood donation. In automated collection, also called collection by apheresis, only the plasma is removed and everything else is returned to the donor”.

According to medical entities, it is very important that this treatment presents positive results, because that way it would be possible to reduce the mortality rate of patients, the length of stay on respirators, as well as the release of ICUs. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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