PS5 has provisional price listed on Amazon UK


While Sony does not reveal the price and final look of its next console, the PS5 finally got a first hint of its possible price through an announcement from Amazon UK. There, the PlayStation 5 was listed for £ 599, just as a placeholder, that is, a provisional ad that serves only to catalog the product on the website system.

On the date of publication of this text, one pound is equivalent to R $ 6.26, which would make the console cost approximately R $ 3,755, excluding taxes and import fees, only in the direct conversion of values. The information was shared on an interesting thread by the user Wario64 on Twitter. Check out:

Is this the real price of the PS5? Difficultly

As Wario64 himself points out, at the time of the Playstation 4’s development, Amazon listed the console for $ 1,000 in February 2013, so the value doesn’t mean much or serve as a concrete parameter for making predictions about its final price. Still, this is the first time that we have a placeholder ad, so it shouldn’t be long before Sony reveals its console.

Tomorrow, June 11, Sony will be broadcasting focused on the new games of the future video game. Stay tuned here on Voxel to check out all the news from PlayStation 5, and comment below on your expectations for the next generation!

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