Raed Arafat, on the huge growth of new coronavirus cases: “It’s spreading in the community”


460 new coronavirus diseases were reported on Thursday, a huge increase, a record for the state of alert. Authorities say we have transmission in communities in many areas.

That is, the virus can be taken anywhere, at any time, without suspecting that those we can take it from are sick.

World experts estimate that now 40% of those infected have no symptoms. The new cases reported in the last days have led us to the 3rd place in the European Union for diseases reported per hundred thousand inhabitants.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, in April alone there have been two more days with over 400 cases. And one day with over 500. But then, people followed the rules because they were afraid of the disease.

Nelu T─âtaru, Minister of Health: “I see an increase in the number of cases in a context of 3 periods of relaxation, in a context of deliberate or forced non-compliance with hygiene rules!”
In a statement to PRO TV News, Secretary of State Raed Arafat stressed that we must protect ourselves at all times.

Raed Arafat: “Everyone must wear a mask, to protect themselves because you do not know your interlocutor, the one sitting next to you, whether he is healthy or not. And then it is mandatory to wear a mask and respect the distance. You see, the infections that are coming now, their origin is not known, it is not known where the person was infected. This means that it is spreading in the community in many areas. Precisely because of non-compliance with the minimum protection rules. ”

Now the disease can be taken at any time, from anyone, including people who look perfectly healthy.

An international meta-study estimated that globally, 40-45% of those infected have no symptoms. But they can transmit the virus as easily as an infected patient. For this reason, it is prudent to assume that the virus is spreading, in a huge percentage, through asymptomatic people. So any person you sit next to – whether you talk or not – and who is not wearing a mask is a potential danger. ”

When you breathe, talk or laugh, water particles come out of the airways, which can also have the Sars Cov 2 virus. And those around you can become infected immediately if these particles reach their nose, mouth or eyes. Attention, experts say that water particles with viruses remain floating for a while and outdoors.

So wear a mask when talking to someone and try to keep a distance of at least a meter and a half.

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