Researchers indicate how coronavirus affects the heart


The new coronavirusit is still a mystery in many ways. However, Dr. Yishay Szekely, from the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, has gathered some information that may shed light on how the disease damages the heart.

According to the doctor, of a total of five hospitalized patients, two of them have a unique pattern of damage on the right side of the heart. “No one knew what really happened. Now we can understand that 40% of hospitalized patients suffer from dysfunction on the right side. Something that rarely affects the left half of the organ,” said Szekely. The Times of Israel.

“We proved what really happens in the heart. This is the first step to understand a little more about the disease and to guide treatment more effectively in the future. I believe it is a big step”, he concludes.

Szekely published research on the subject in the American Heart Association. The study used 100 patients and claims to be the first in the world to use cardiac images to show the impact of the new coronavirus in the heart.

Intriguing discovery

According to the doctor, when a virus reaches the point of attacking one of the main organs of the body, it does so on the left side. However, with the new disease, the situation is different. Based on the captured images, he was able to confirm that the main damage was in the right ventricle.

Doctor discovers damage to the right ventricle of the heart. Photo: magicmine

For him, there were two possibilities for interpreting this information. The first one concludes that the new coronavirusit has a different effect on the heart – which Szekely considered very unlikely. The second hypothesis is that the organ does not react directly to the virus, but tensions caused in lungs.

That makes sense, said the expert, given that the right side is in charge of pumping blood to the lung. “The high pressure makes the heart have to work harder. Think of a pump that needs more power due to greater resistance,” he says.

Application of the findings

Szekely believes that his work will be important for researchers, doctors and pharmaceutical companies working to develop a treatment. But in addition, he said his findings could help healthcare professionals in patient care.

Based on the study, it is possible for doctors to pay more attention to the right side of the heartduring the hospitalization period. “Research can help guide treatment. This is because doctors can prescribe anticoagulants so that the ventricle works with the lowest pressure, in addition to defining adjustable parameters based on the state of the patient’s heart,” concludes Szekely.

Via: Times of Israel

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